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被偷走的 1% October 15, 2007

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Diary.


Actually, I just can’t get rid of this thought. So here it is.

在台灣大家一定有去收 10% 服務費的餐廳用膳的經驗,也一定有遇過新開幕餐廳打九折來招攬客人。

In Taiwan, some restaurants charge extra 10% as tips. And in certain situation, such as newly open, restaurants may offer 90% discount.


When these two stories come together, how much do u have to pay?


All the restaurants I go just waive the tips.


Is this reasonable? of course not, even kids can do the math.

假設你晚餐吃掉 $500,加上 10% 服務費就是 $550,再打九折是多少?答案是 $495。

For example, if your dinner set is $500, plus 10% tips is $550, after 90% discount is $495.

但是如果只是不算服務費,你卻要付 $500,餐廳硬生生就多賺了 $5。

But how much do you pay actually? $500. The restaurants just earn, no, steal, 5 more dollars from you this way.

也就是說,設餐費為 X,加上10%服務費再打九折應該是 X * 110% * 90% = X * 99% …

Id est, assume your dinner set costs X dollars, plus 10% tips and 90% discount, the total amount you should pay is X * 110% * 90% = X * 99%. Why do you have to pay X * 100%?


Is this a mass fraud?



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