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CONGRATULATIONS!! August 20, 2007

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Diary.

Hsin-Ju won the 2nd place in the 6th AYMC.

It is a great pleasure and honor to receive the appreciation from referees. My lovely girl did an excellent job but she doesn’t want to show off. Instead, I just can’t wait to tell people how great she is. 😉

Couple of months ago, she registered for AYMC (Asia Youth Music Contest) and passed the 1st and 2nd round in Taiwan. Final is held in Singapore and a free round-trip flight ticket is issued to each of the contestants. The procedure of the contest is chaotic and messy. Unfortunately and regretfully, there is no room for contestants to warm-up before heading to a small … “room with a piano”? The place where musicians play in front of referees is nothing like a recital room. No acoustic effect interior, no formal stage but a temp., fabricated platform. Several seats are lined up in back of this room for audience. This is totally beyond my imagination. But considering this is a music contest for many different instruments, a room like this is acceptable. However, there’s still a disaster: no any control at entrance and exit. In other words, people, anyone, can rush in and out at anytime, and yes, even when someone is still at play. And even worse, the audience don’t really respect to musicians on the stage.

Hsin-Ju was nervous, this is the very first time she competed with singers from different countries on an international stage. Especially contestants sang before her have great voice and volume. (and they are definitely from PRC, because I can tell their tone) But she overcame her anxiety and put beautiful sounds on those piano high tunes, which she worried a lot in advance. Though due to the time limit, she can’t finish her songs (in fact, only 2 measures left …). The referees still appreciated her voice, integrity and quality of the music and gave her a good evaluation.

I’m so proud of her. (dazzling…) * v *



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