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MSN messenger phishing attack!! March 23, 2007

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Diary.

各位好友,如果你看到我傳送訊息,指向一個網址 http://www.get-messenger.com/
它會記住你的密碼,並以你的名義大量傳送 spam-message
如果登入了,請趕快上 http://accountservices.passport.net 修改密碼


Dear friends, if you see my msn account sending message to you and asking you to login http://www.get-messenger.com. Please DO NOT LOGIN!!!
It will save your password and automatically login your account and send multiple spam-message to your contact list. If you unfortunately login that website, please go to http://accountservices.passport.net to change your password ASAP.

My apology for causing all the inconvenience.

Tsai, Hong-Bin


After I fixed the fxxking spam-bot and sent this letter, many of my friends replying to me. I repeatedly said sorry and asked them not to follow the link I sent. Minutes later, Frank sent me a message “shame on you! don’t tell anyone that you graduated from security lab.” Well, I won’t deny my carelessness. But it’s a message I received from someone I know! I thought it was a “tested” amusing, recreational tool. *sigh*, what a sad thing, now I can’t trust messages received from a friend before he/she completes an authentication process, like “hi, do you know that I change my cell phone number?” “really? isn’t it 09xx…?” “oh, so you’re updated, nothing more.”. … *sob*



1. Crispin - June 21, 2007

yup, I got nailed. sent on to everybody in my address book.

Probably the first time in 10 years I have fallen for sh1t like this…

2. TSAI HONG-BIN - June 22, 2007

*pat pat* shxt happens… just remember, “don’t trust anyone, anymore…”

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