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the lack-of-creativity online game ecology February 7, 2007

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Misc.

funny, online MRPGs available nowadays are so much alike. The settings of these games can be divided into only 2 categories, western and eastern. For western style, race options are only human, elf, half-elf…etc. job options are only knight, warrior, archer, wizard…blah. As for eastern style, they are all human, and you can only choose which martial gang to join. What the hell…. (btw, WOW is a great game, just my heat to that is diminished by repeating group missions)

I always think, if people can’t make up any of a new story from things we’re already familiar with, why don’t they invent a whole new one? Especially, when there’re great works in novels, movies, among the whole online game industry does there no one feel like to “imitate” their idea? Can’t MRPG include aliens, robots and ships? can’t MRPG map become a jungle and the “roles” we play are animals? can’t MRPG weapon system don’t use sword, knife, arrow and wand anymore but gun, laser, missle or torpedo? There’re so much fun creating a world that players can enjoy the transformation of his nature into someone/something else, why is it at current stage, things we can choose are ones that copy from another.

Maybe I’ll shift to do game industry someday :p



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