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What a day ~”~ December 11, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Diary.

Yesterday evening after weekly rehearsal, honey said she wants to take shabu shabu for dinner. A name popped from the top of my head right away, “日式一番鍋.” We rode to 樂利路 and parked, saw the shabu shabu banner and walked in. “full house!!” Well, not so surprising, it’s a famous and popular restaurant. We then decided to go to “台糖白甘蔗養生鍋” nearby. After a short distance driving, we parked in the front of that shop. We walked in and waited for a while, a waitress brought us to the second floor. All tables are occupied, except one under the Air Conditioner. “so lucky!” I told my girl and pulled a chair for her. No sooner than I got seated, a … dxxn woman shouted at the waitress and claimed that they were in the former line of us. Well, that’s true, they came here few minutes earlier, but the double booking should attribute to the waitress’ mistakes. By showing our well-educatedness, we walked out without hesitation.

There’s another branch of “台糖白甘蔗養生鍋” in NeiHu, 心如 remembered. Thus we rode to NeiHu and got another full house …… = =;;;  That’s…. how to describe that feeling? you just felt so much full of annoyance but got no one to blame on. I can see my girl’s face dropped so deep and she no longer felt hungry for that her stomach was already stuffed with unhappiness. Do you think this is the end? Sorry, not that soon. I then took her to Tasty, trying to cheer her up by going to a decent restaurant.


At that moment, ya, I felt explosive = =;;;; The feeling of enjoying a gourmandise had gone so far… Why is the god treating us this way. We had been through 4 big restaurants and got no seats left for us….

a bad day, hate taipei people … 😦



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