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Community Server! a bit fun October 26, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Misc.

Days ago I felt like to build a personal blogger so that I can post messages, upload files …etc. without quota limitation and keep it accessible only under intranet. Therefore, I registered to download Community Server (please refer to “http://communityserver.org/Default.aspx”). CS is an ASP .NET based community website builder. It offers all kinds of features you need in a community like blogs, forums and file sharing. A friend of mine has been utilizing this tool to build his personal website, by that he won the prize of MS MVP *amazing* and got a free, unlimited MSDN subscription account . (check it out “http://rextang.net/Default.aspx”) It was not his success that triggers me to use Community Server, but my purpose is to build an in-house, private message board. The killer would be the one that can help me build it up quickly, and with a good-looking.

Well though, that’s not all about what I called it fun. Rob Howard, CEO of Telligent Systems Inc. that has built Communi Server, has sent me a mail. He mentioned about the opportunity to partner with Intervideo Inc.. At the first glance I thought it is merely a marketing ad., it was so close for me to report it as a spam directly. But it’s not, Mr. Howard did notice my registration info (the organization field, I should not fill it out so honestly…) and made a good sales. Because seriously, I start to think about the possibility that the combination of a media playback software and a community website makes profits. It’s a pity that a small, tiny engineer like me cannot make any decision to such kind of enterprise-wide project, but undoubtedly , it’s an interesting experience.

As for any review of Community Server? Well, currently I haven’t finished the configuration. Maybe I’ll write another post for its further introduction. 🙂


Flag, Song and Country October 3, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Misc.
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A couple of days ago, there was a news saying that guys from China tore down our Flag from our athletes at an International Children’s Games in Bangkok.  (http://english.www.gov.tw/TaiwanHeadlines/index.jsp?categid=8&recordid=98708)

Lately we are going to sing some songs at a reception for hundreds oversea Chinese backing Taiwan. One of the songs is composed by professor 蕭泰然, named “台灣翠青.” Its lyrics are simple, saying that the beautiful isle, Taiwan, used to be ruled by foreigners, now a democratic country that owned by Taiwan people.  

I’m never a fanatic patriot and never showed up in any of the political parades either. Maybe it’s because I have no reason to show my passion about this land in such a fierce way. However, I’m deeply moved by the Flag event, and the Song. One is defending our country, the other is re-recognizing ourselves.

There is another concert held on Oct. 9, we’ll sing this song at 8:30 – 9:30. We are told that this concert is going to be broadcast to TV channels. Wish I look great on TV. 🙂