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the Great BOINC! September 26, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Misc.

BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. It’s a quite interesting tool to help you integrate certain popular volunteer grid computing works like SETI@home, Rosetta@home …etc.. Nah.. why is there no RSA@home, SHA1@home 😛

I used to run SETI@home on my laptop at school, but soon I turned it off. Since a laptop is meant to be “mobile,” my laptop stops computing when I carry it with me, which happened frequently. Second, it consumes CPU so much that my laptop keeps faning. You know, that sound is quite annoying, especially when you’re willing to contribute to the mankind at sleep.

Anyway, now I installed BOINC on my desktop at office. With it a user can join multiple grid computing projects at a time. For example, my desktop is calculating einstein@home and Rosetta@home at present. I guess it has better data segmentation or priority control? Because I can hardly feel any lag on my box, even though the CPU utility is 100% all the time. Except for its improvement in process scheduling (just a guess) and the integration of different grid computing projects, it also generates integrated analysis report. Needless to say, they surely reserve the fancy looking graphics that illustrats your calculating results.

For those who are still interested in contributing to researches that requires massive computing, you have my recommendtion to add this handy tool to enjoy your generous offer. 🙂



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