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Is it necessary? September 20, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Misc.

I saw a couple of news yesterday, and the day before. People who support Bian exercised violence against those who oust him. People in red are hit. Cars in red are hit. Cops and presses are hit. If blood is a must for damocratic revolution, the blood shall belong to those who start the attack. Those folks who attack innocent people shall be condemned and charged. However, is the Red so peaceful and rational whilst Green showing emotional and violent?

The answer is, no, not exactly. In the night of Sep. 15, people in red surrounded the president’s residence. There is a photo studio hanging Bian’s portrait in the front of the store. When the Red saw this, they start to abuse the owner. They yelled “shame on you” at two poor women, and kept knocking on the window. That’s not peace at all, that’s a serious harrasment.

These pictures remind me the Culture Revolution in PRC in 1965 – 1976. It’s a tragedy that people against what they are and where they from. The red guards are autohypnotized to hate those who don’t belong to them with no reason. Doesn’t it look so much like the crowd in Green and Red at this moment?

Although it’s true that our president Bian has no shame, so as the blind-followers who cannot control themselves and assault innocent people. The whole thing is becoming to an in-house terror, especially when there are party members taking chances to grab focus.



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