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IE 7 RC September 20, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Misc.

Finally there’s something good about Microsoft. I downloaded IE7 and gave it a try yesterday. IE 7 has no GM release yet, but RC. I saw some improvements, though they are mostly copied from firefox.

  • Tab – ctrl+t opens a new tab, that’s totally a copy
  • Google seasrch – a google search box at the up-right of the main window, totally another copy
  • Hidden menu bar – I can’t say it’s a good or bad idea, to me it’s good because I can see more lines of the content without a menu bar. But not to my girl, she is totally lost. Not all users have the knowledge of hotkey “alt,” in the end they just keep menu bar shown on the tool bar. This action nigates the good of original design anyway. Maybe MS guys can put a message that teachs users how to dynamically access the menu bar after the installation.
  • Better fonts – This assertion is personal and subjective, but I do feel the change. I like the words shape it presents anyway.

In case there is any of a misunderstanding, I didn’t claim that IE7 is better than any other browsers. Besides, the history taught us that MS’ new products are the best incubators ever for security leaks. My point is, whatever IE7 copies, it’s getting better than itself.



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