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Vista? are you sure? September 14, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Linux.

While the very first time I have Vista RC1 DVD in hand, it feels so much like 6 years ago I bought a Redhat 5.2 CD. I can’t wait to see this “tremendous” work of Microsoft since so many market analyzers keep telling investers to bet on manufacturers of DRAM, passive components…etc.. After my first contact with Vista, I can’t wait to tell you, DON’T buy their stocks, because Vista won’t sell. Those who bought Vista will regret in the end IF they treat Vista as Microsoft expected.

Is the alpha blending fancy interface so important to you? If yes, please spend more money on hardware since Vista will grade your hardware. If your hardware don’t “pass” the exam, say bye bye to alpha blending.I myself prefer a fast, stable and secure system. Even in XP, turning all visual effects off is the very first thing I do right after installation. In Vista, it applies two technologies to achieve security as they claimed. One is BitLocker for securing your “Operating System Volume,” the other is TPM for securing “boot process.”

I got this description from BDE (BitLocker Drive Encryption) tech. overview (download from microsoft’s official website), “BitLocker encryption of Data Volume is only supported in Windows Server Longhorn in version 1” …… Guys, how do you manage your data? Do you store them in a separated volume/partition or just put them in a folder named “don’t delete” under C:/? Can you see the strategy of Vista? I can’t, please help me. I cannot figure out what kind of operating system will try so hard to secure itself, instead of the user. Go, go buy Longhorn, then you’ll have to buy additional RAM, faster CPU at the same time. While you’re still fighting with M$ WINDOWS to secure your data, the WINTEL group are already laughing and counting money.

There is one more thing annoying about Vista. By default, its access control mechanism asks for your confirmation for every action. You have to confirm while opening a command prompt as administrator, copying a file, running third-party programs…etc.. From security’s point of view, it’s turning DAC (Discretionary access control) into MAC (Mandatory access control). That’s a totally good thing, what so bad is that Vista exploits MAC in a wrong way. An access control mechanism “controls” the previliges of users. In other words, user got warning and denial while doing things that he is not allowed to do. In Vista, user got “harasments” in regular operations no matter he is allowed or not.

I didn’t write this article to convince the readers how dumb M$ could be, but to point out the fact that a so called “friendly” OS becoming not only unfriendly, but also meaningless. Even the drawbacks I depicted above are not ill-designed, they indeed make no sense and create a complicated working environment for users. I will stay with XP, if I want to use Microsoft Windows .



1. FishCCY - September 18, 2006

To be brief, if one simply wants a fancy interface, go buy a mac. 😉

(just want to say hi~~)

2. furseal - September 19, 2006

^^ oh yeah~ your message is the first comment on my blog~
welcome, take a seat, coffee or tea? 😛

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