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early in the morning, I looked down at NeiHu August 23, 2006

Posted by TSAI HONG-BIN in Diary.

This Tuesday I got up early. It was 6 o’clock, too early for me to feel hungry. Besides, there were rare shops open and few people on the street. Suddenly, an idea flashed in my mind. Since I’ve been thinking of hiking with my sweetheart every weekend after she moved to Taipei, why not take a reconnaissance first.

One great thing of living in NeiHu is that there’re mountains around. One doesn’t have to take much of a traffic to start hiking. I rode to the end of 大湖山莊街 and stepped on stone ladders, hiking toward the woods in front of me. Without a map, the fingerposts along were my only guide. Fortunately, the hiking trails here are well-developed so that I won’t get loss.

Here is my route: 大湖山莊街 -> 葉氏祖廟 -> 圓覺寺 -> 碧山巖 -> 鯉魚山步道 (下山) -> 大湖山莊街

While standing on the edge of 碧山巖, I can look down at the whole Taipei city. Especially Taipei 101, it’s the most arresting piece. NeiHu, is at the bottom of my eyes. I can see clearly the apartment I live in, and the building I worked at. Additionally, I saw the hills and mountains, and hill-tops behind them holding Taipei. After the touching moment, I took way back home.

I didn’t know exactly how far I walked, but, shamely, I stopped 4 times to make my breathe smoother. The whole trip took me about 1 and a half hour to back to where I started. What’s even more amazing is that I still had enough time to take a shower, a breakfast, and then go to work, *EARILIER* than regular duty-on time.

I will soooo take Hsin-Ju here enjoying with me.



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